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Hozan Aydin

H O Z A N  A Y D I N

Hozan Aydin is born in 1962 in Serhad, an area in Kurdistan. Serhed - the spring of Dengbej´s and songs (The Dengbej-singers are kurdish artists, who „sing“ historical occurrences and legends). Aydin, who is swayed musically by his grandfather,his father and by many dengbej´s in Kurdistan starts at a young age with singing. In 1975-76 he finishes in the village Isiklar the elementary school, where he continues of course with music and becomes known somewhat. In 1977 he also saw the organisations of 1st May in Istanbul. The day in which 36 persons were arrested by the Turkish government and were murdered afterwards, leaves important traces in Aydins live. On the 12th September, at the time of the Juntas he decides to finish in Mus the high school (9-th class). Also this time (12th September junta) takes an important place in Aydins live. At this time he appears in mush in many cultural evenings and arrangements and learns at the same time to use the instrument “baglama”. In 1982 he marries his lover, in 1984-1986 he goes to the army and sings also there in Turkish. In 1987 Aydin has many appearances in Istanbul and at the same time he gets music lessons, besides, he would like to publish his Turkish album,but for some reasons his album is not published.1990 he forms a Music-Choir, existing of 57 persons in Tekman. Than he forms with many friends together the HEP (Halkin Emek Partisi-the national workers party) and the land circle capital Tekman. In 1992 Aydin has to leave his land because of political reasons and starts a new life as a refugee in Dortmund. Now he continues with his music with the name Coma Xebat and later Coma Helim. Hozan Aydin takes part with his musical works in some albums (1994-internationally concert, in 2001-Şevbêrka Dengbêjan1, in 2003-Stranên Dile Me-Bilez, in 2005-Ş evbêrka Dengbêjan 2) and publishes his albums Bêje-2002, Stran Jîyane1- Bavê min -2006,Stran Jîyane2-Vejîn-2008. Today Aydin lives with his five children as a refugee in Berlin..

Who is Hozan Aydin ?